10 Things Your Cat Hates About You!

Just like you hate when your cat scratches things, your cat probably hates a lots of the things you do. And just like your cats is unaware that her scratching things around makes you angry, you are prabable also unaware that you are doing things that may upset your beloved cat.
Here is a list of the 10 most things your cat hates about you.

10. Loud Noises

You’ve probably noticed by now that your cat gets horrified when she hears a loud noise, such as fireworks, honking, thunder, screetching tires , etc. You will know what noises your cat hates most because when she hears them she would bolt to a hiding place.

9. Overly Aggressive Petting

Just like you hated your cheeks being aggressively squeezed and stretched by people as a kid, cats also happen to hate aggressive petting. Just keep your petting moderate. Never go too hardcore on the pussy. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) There, a kinky joke for yaa!

8. Being Ignored

Just like us humans, cats do seek attention and affection. Just ignore your cat long enough, and she will get her revenge by trying to attract your attention, probably by pushing that vase you love to the floor.
You ignore the cat, you deal with the aftermath! LOL

7. Car Rides

Unlike dogs, cats hate car rides, or any other ride. Cats hate to be on any moving objects. Bear in mind, though, that cats are different. Some cats like rides.