Camp Cooking and Grub Lists

It is hard to state just what any group will bring for a fishing , hunting or camping trip into the forests. Camper’s tastes vary, but as far as grub lists are concerned there has to be some leeway, and the mode of transport must also be taken into account. Obviously, if you’re on a canoe or hiking trip away from grocery stores, you’ll need to prepare your grub list accordingly, making it as light as possible and as lightweight. On the other side, if you are traveling in your car right to your camp door, you can take along a broader variety of food and forget the weight and bulk issue.

I would like it to be noted that the following suggestions, grub lists and recipes are subject to correction. If you are looking at a list of foods to be taken on a vacation, remove items you don’t like and add other food materials of equal weight. If you like coffee and not tea, for example, don’t take the tea along just because it’s on the grub list.

May I suggest you pack your food supplies carefully before you leave for camp. Pack items such as flour, bacon, salt pork, sugar, oatmeal, rice, beans, and cornmeal in small , medium-weight cloth bags which are fitted with pucker strings. Instead, the individual bags should be stored in slightly larger, waterproof containers. The bags can be numbered, so they can be identified easily.

The use of dehydrated foods for campsite use is becoming increasingly popular. Dehydrated vegetables are vegetables that lose all of the moisture content — they crack and split in your side.

It’s easy to carry such vegetables as beets, carrots, potatoes , onions, turnips, beans and tomatoes in such concentrated form. Many of the small packages weigh just 1 3/4 ounces yet the contents are found to be enough to make multiple servings. These vegetables are concentrated and do not need refrigeration.

Don’t load yourself up for overnight trips.

If you go away from your main camp on overnight trips, don’t load yourself down with grub. Take any sandwiches if there are two at the party, 1 package Dehydrated Potatoes, 1 package prepared Pancake Flour, I will Evaporate Milk, 1 pound Bacon, 1/4 pound melted butter, a handful of espresso, 4 plastic cups, 8 chunks Sugar, 1/4 pound Butter and 4 Doughnuts. That’s enough grub for 4 meals.

Bring a salt and pepper shaker, a frying pan with folding handle, a two-quarters pail, 2 knives, 2 forks, 2 spoons, 2 plates and 2 cups. Place all food and cooking in a small knapsack, and eat utensils. The total weight of utensils and food supplies for knapsack, cooking, and eating is less than nine pounds. You can hunt, or fish, go and come by using two knapsacks and splitting the load. When you hunt, cover your knapsack with red handkerchief.

The following grub list will serve your intent if you go hunting , fishing or camping and you want to prepare as little as possible. It is just about perfect for a six or seven-day group of two adults. It’s for those campers who have a chance to bring their supplies to camp quickly.

4 Bread loaves

1 Tomatoes

2 Tubs of Boiled Beans

4 Salt on ounces

2 Cans of Hashed Corn Beef

4 Soda Ounces

1 Lbs. Tea Coffee

2 GB. Pork salt

1/4 em. Coffee Is Tea

And 4×4-oz. Cans Dehydrated Chips

2 Mb. Zucker

1 May Peaches

1 Flask Syrup Pancake

1 Lbs. Honey-Butter

2 Prepared Pancake Flour Packages

1 Little Pepper May

3 Canisters Evaporated Milk

1 Small Vinegar Bottle

3 GB. Food

1 Bottle Mustard Tiny

3 GB. Speck

1 Twelve Donuts

1 Down. Cheap eggs

1 Lbs. Cockets

1 Can be made from corn

The grub list above may be modified to suit your specific requirements. For starters, some campers make brown sugar pancake syrup, or maple sugar cakes.

The flour is considered to be useful to make gravy and to cook fish. If you expect to be away from camp everyday at lunchtime, add at least two loaves of bread to the grub list above. To suit your needs add meat to this list.

Apples, bananas, and other fresh fruits are always on camp well.

You should condense all of the food L.L. today. Lists the trip into two packets overnight. You don’t need stuff like flour , sugar, and butter because they’re in the dehydrated, cooked dinners already. You merely add water to it.