Camping – How to Choose a Tent

When you buy a tent, you get one that isn’t too big or too small. When deciding on size , type and weight, you need to take into account the number of people in your group and the way your outfit and supplies are transported.

With the exception of an extra large one, two adults are enough to house in any tent, though a medium-sized tent will often hold two adults and one or two children.

There are currently three types of tents which are most suitable for camping, these being the wall, the so-called apron or tentee and the versions of the cruiser or hiker. Each one has their own intent.

If you can accommodate their transport, I suggest a wall shelter. Most suitable is one large enough to accommodate a camp stove.

A canvas floor and fly is well worth taking along for added comfort. The fly will provide cover from sun and rain and the floor will keep your tent’s inside cleaner and warmer. The best thing is removable board, because it can be removed and washed.

The apron tent is popular with engine-campers and most of the campers prefer the sewed-in ground poleless form. When packed, it needs little space, and is easy to erect. Buy one that is fitted with curtains and provide ventilation during the warmer months of the year that is so important.

The model for the hiker is ideal for canoeing and hiking trips where weight and space are at a premium. This sort of tent is easy to build and to take down. Select one that has a canvas floor sewed in.

Outfitters tend to use large wall tents, which remain in place for the season. Like cabins, they are used not. However, most people no longer sleep this way. Tents are considerably lighter and easier to mount, even the large ones used by car campers. They are made of durable nylons and polyesters and have free-standing exo-skeletons, allowing them to be positioned almost anywhere.