Camping – How to Erect a Tent

Erecting a tent is a practical matter. The pattern of the Cruiser or of Hiker is the easiest to build. Stack the corners of the board, change the lines of the pole and the man.

Whether you’re using either a Wall tent or an Umbrella tent, I recommend you install it in your own backyard prior to a camping trip, so you’ll get the “look” to set it up properly.

9 1/2 feet high and 12 feet long to erect a Wall Tent:

First: Push three feet apart three stakes down.

Second: Move another row of stakes perpendicular and parallel to the stakes, having 2 rows about 21 feet apart.

Third: Unroll the tent and lay it out between the two rows of stakes on the ground.

Fourth: Tie guy lines to the correct stakes loosely.

Fifth: Bring the ridge pole in and then one part of the back pole and front pole when the poles are joined, and repeat the process until the tent is up.

Sixth: Pin all four corners downwards.

Seventh: Change lines for guys to avoid slackness.

When making adjustments, it may be necessary to move stacks holding guy lines either towards or away from the tent, and if so, remove only one or two stakes at a time.

Umbrella tent style poleless to erect.

First: Open your tent and use tent pegs to protect all corners of the floor

Second: Assemble the top spreading frame and lay it on the floor inside.

Third: Use one of the corner poles, push top spreading frame in place , allowing the center of tent to rest on the bottom of the pole.

Fourth: Move one pole in the corner, and then the other.

Fifth: Build the third pole, detach the pole from the middle and position it in its appropriate place at the corner.

Sixth: Set pole settings to eliminate slackness.

Seventh: The ropes of the outer guy will then be tied to the stakes and the canopy poles in place.

Eighth: Bring the canopy up and add curtains to the side.

Ninth: Push all stakes straight down carrying guy ties, not at an angle.

When it starts to pour, loosen the guy ropes a little and change the corner poles.