Comfy and Healthy Sleeping Positions During Pregnancy

It goes without saying that pregnancy can be hard on your body in many ways; back pain, blood pressure, heart palpitations, cramps, urinary problems, sleeping problems, you name it. For this article, however, we have singled out only one of those problems, sleeping problems, since sleeping is so crucial to both the mom’s and the baby’s health. But since there are as many sleeping problems as there are stars in the sky, we have, again, settled for one type of sleeping problems during pregnancy: Sleeping positions during pregnancy! At first, you may think: how in hell would a sleeping position help me get a good night’s sleep? Well, it would help, BIG TIME. And here is why.

        Week after week, your belly starts growing bigger and bigger, limiting your sleeping positions’ options. At this point, your favorite comfortable sleeping position will no longer feel as comfy. This calls for a change in your sleeping positions to get the most of a good night’s sleep.

Every person is different and not everyone would like a certain sleeping position.  That’s why we have gone and listed some sleeping positions during pregnancy for you. So, let’s cut to the chase and dive right into that.

Side Sleeping: Left & right

During the early stages of your pregnancy, try to develop the habit of sleeping on your sides. Lying on either side, knees bent, is likely to be the most comfiest position as your pregnancy progresses. Lying on your back, however, may eventually start to put pressure on the blood vessels throughout your body, let alone making it harder to breathe normally.

Taking the time to gradually train yourself to sleep on either side could be the secret to improving your sleep time quality.

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