Salt Water Fishing

Without a word about Salt Water Fishing I shouldn’t find my book complete.

Maine has introduced salt water fishing in recent years for giant bluefin tuna, striped bass, and mackerel.

The best spot for tuna fishing is in the Casco Bay section of Bailey Island where these giant 200 lbs fish swim. To a capacity of 700.

Regulation large game, deep sea fishing outfits are required to handle these giant bluefins, the minimum tackle being 16 oz. Tips, 24-thread line at least 500 yards, and 10/0 reels.

I suggest 36-thread line and a 14/0 reel for the beginner, also that you hire a standard fishing boat fully equipped to take out parties. You may want to buy your buy boat after having fished for a season or two. The best season is through mid-September from late July. Because of recent increases in striped bass, anglers have found that Maine will provide plenty of action for the thousands of salt water anglers who see striped bass as one of the finest light tackling salt water fishes. One of the most popular stripers lures is the sea worm (sometimes referred to as the blood worm) either with or without sinker or spinner or trolling with a smooth moving spinner baited with seaworms. While much of the best striped bass fishing in Maine is in the coastal waters of its streams, surf casting can also be done from those boats, and a regulatory surf casting outfit is in order here. The best season is from end of June to September.

Fly fishing for mackerel is another method of salt water fishing that has gained big favor with fly fishermen. While thin, rarely exceeding one pound in weight, these trim torpedoes eagerly strike at streamer and bucktail flies and, “ounce for ounce,” are worthy of any fly fisherman ‘s ability.