Understanding Cats Better

Cats don’t just meo! Just like us humans they have some bodily cues that say a lot about them. Decoding such cues could do you a world of good when it comes to understanding your cat. Well, it’s just about time you learnt about some of the most used cat body language cues and their meaning. Yaaaay! What a time we live in!

Now, without further ado, let’s delve into this. Let’s help you decode your cat’s body language.

7 – Please don’t touch me

  • Waving tail
  • Not looking at you
  • Moves when you touch it

We often tease and play with our cats; at times, they respond to us and just go with the flow, but once your cat does anything close to what’s in the picture above, it’s your yellow light to stop doing whatever you are doing. You’re probably annoying them when they start waving their tails like in the photo. Decoding cat tail language can do you and your cat a world of good.

6 – This belongs to me

  • Moving around an object a lot
  • Or rubbing neck agaisnt things

All the time, cats act all mighty like kings and queens, as if they own the place (who owns who kind of situations, LOL); this is just another way to do so. When they like something, cats mark it by peeing on it and rubbig their bodies against it, trying to mark it by their scent. Cats do this to their owners too. So, if your cat ever does this to you, then your are her property.

5 – I’m calm now, don’t bother me

  • Laying down
  • Closed eyes

A sitting cat or a curled up cat, as in the picture, usually means that your cat is content and wants some alone time. Your cat would simply go and lie there. If you ever see your cat doing this, then trust me don’t try to tease it or play with her. It’s her relaxation time, so let her be.

4 – No No! Don’t Rub My Belly

  • Exposing the belly
  • A little playful

This means that your cat trusts you completely and feels secure enough to show you their most insecure area and what people do in most cases is start rubbing cats on their bellies. This means that your cat trusts you.

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